Mimosa Pudica, a plant commonly known as ‘touch-me-not’ curls up into its own little soft leaves when touched. Little does it know that
people are still hovering around it, waiting for it to open itself up again. As a little girl, I played with this plant in my grandmother’s house.
I would wait for all the stems with folded leaves to open themselves to me over and over. I too would close myself to the world and open
again. Thus this act became a metaphor for my work.

I AM BORN THRICE/ THE RED THREAD/ 2 videos on loop

VIDEO 1:The video challenges the stories we live by as a woman and the rules and conventions we impose on ourselves.

VIDEO 2: The split screen video The Red Thread illustrates the close-up of my wrists raveling and unraveling the moli (a red color religious thread
used in India during auspicious events to tie on the wrist). The video suggests the countless acts of attempts to break free from our conditioning.