Garima Thakur was born in New Delhi, India where she completed her undergraduate studies. Thakur received an MFA in graphic design from University of Florida in 2012. She is currently residing in Portland,OR and works as an assistant professor of interaction media and graphic design at Western Oregon University.

Artist Statement
During the past decade, I have moved to six different cities across the country. In 2007, I moved to Rochester, New York from Delhi, India. It was not only a physical shift of space but it also invoked cultural, mental and metaphorical transitions. Physically disconnecting myself from the land that was home for 25 years uprooted and rooted me at the same time. Relocations have had a deep impact on my art practice. It has not only made me question the notions of culture, home, identity, gender, and race, but also led me to immerse myself in the amorphous and hybrid nature of our beings.

The varnish of memory is important in my work. I record conversations with my mother in my mind, and via recollection, I attach symbols in history as indicators of where she comes from. I seek visual passages back to this elusive idea of home. To examine these formative structures, I work to define what is sacred for myself while addressing what the traditional notion of this word entails. I probe the act of blindly following customs, and examine how gender is positioned as the reservoir of these customs.